Security Travelling With Your Data

  We make your business data safe everywhere. Add state of the art encryption, granular access control and visibility to your files no matter where they travel.



What BeSafe Can Do for You?

Secure Collaboration

Cloud collaboration tools like Slack, Google Docs and DropBox are taking over traditional teamwork systems. But they raise a new concern – security. Regulations are becoming very strict and companies that handle sensitive information should adhere to them or face consequences. With BeSafe you can rest assured that only people from your circle of trust will be able to open those documents.

Private Email

Do you send sensitive information by email? Do you want it to stay private? BeSafe can take care of it! Encrypt all your email attachments and protect them from prying eyes.  With BeSafe your attachments can be opened only by the intended recipient. Even if your email password is leaked, you are still protected by BeSafe’s state of the art encryption. BeSafe works with your favorite email.

Encrypted Storage

Cloud drives like DropBox and Google Drive are an essential part of modern data storage. Your files are now accessible on any device, wherever you are.  But remember!  there is no cloud, it’s just someone else’s computer. And what if your cloud account gets hacked? With BeSafe encryption your sensitive documents or private photos will stay private whatever happens to your cloud storage.

Why BeSafe?


Right-click integration for securing files and folders. Easy and Intuitive.


Preserves native cloud collaboration features over encrypted files in Dropbox, Slack and Google Drive.


Automatic re-encryption of file changes.


Zero Trust Key Management based on Proxy Re-Encryption algorithm


AES 256-bit Data Encryption.

How does it Work?

1. Encrypt

Choose the file  and press Encrypt.

2. Grant Access

Add recipient’s email address.

3. Send

Send by email or share on Cloud.

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